Register a Charitable Organization

How it works

Find out if your organization needs to register as a charitable organization.

Alberta organizations are required to register as a charitable organization if their fund-raising efforts meet certain criteria.

Who has to register

A charitable organization must be registered under the Charitable Fund-raising Act if:

  • it uses a fund-raising business
  • it intends to raise more than $25,000 in gross contributions in its financial year from solicitations (requests for contribution) to individuals in Alberta
  • during or after the campaign, it finds it has raised more than $25,000 (if so, the charity must register within 45 days after the contributions reach $25,000)

The Act applies to any:

  • incorporated or unincorporated organization formed for a charitable purpose
  • organization incorporated under the Societies Act or registered with Canada Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada)
  • person asking for contributions to be used for a charitable purpose or charitable organization, even if that person isn’t connected to any charitable organization

A charitable purpose is defined as any purpose that is:

  • philanthropic
  • benevolent
  • educational
  • health-oriented
  • humane
  • recreational
  • religious
  • cultural
  • artistic

Who doesn’t have to register

  • a charitable organization only asking for contributions from its members or their immediate families
  • a charitable organization only asking for goods (e.g. furniture for an office, not for resale) or services (e.g. volunteers) that it’ll use for its administration or other non-charitable purpose
  • a charitable organization raising funds through raffles, pull tickets, bingos or casinos must contact the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission for licensing information

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