Landlord and tenant disputes


The Notice of Hearing form gives the date, time and location of the hearing.

The Notice of Hearing form will tell you the type of hearing that the Tenancy Dispute Officer will conduct.

Types of hearings

The Notice of Hearing form will notify you of the date and time of your hearing. The type of hearing depends on the location of your rental premises.

In or around Edmonton

  • the hearing will take place in-person at the RTDRS Edmonton office

In or around Calgary

  • the application will take place in-person at the RTDRS Calgary office

In other Alberta locations

  • the hearing will take place by telephone (see RTDRS Telephone Hearing Tips (PDF, 1 page) for more information)
  • the Notice of Hearing explains that you will be called by the Tenancy Dispute Officer at the phone number on the application. If you cannot be contacted at that phone number at the time of the hearing, provide the correct number to the RTDRS by calling 310-0000 and then dial 780-644-3000.

What happens at the hearing?

The Tenancy Dispute Officer manages the hearing process. All parties participating in the hearing are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Persons who display disruptive, disrespectful or threatening behavior may be required to leave the hearing room or may be disconnected from the teleconference.

Child care is not provided at the RTDRS so you will need to make arrangements for the care of your children.

The Tenancy Dispute Officer will follow the process in the Hearing Procedure Chart but may alter that process to suit the case before them.

At the end of the hearing, the Tenancy Dispute Officer will issue an order.

The Hearing Procedure flow chart

If you’re unable to attend a hearing

If you don’t attend the hearing, the Tenancy Dispute Officer may conduct the hearing without you.

You may attend by telephone, or have a representative appear on their behalf. But, telephone attendance for an in-person hearing is not recommended.

If you must attend by telephone at an in-person hearing it must be arranged with the RTDRS at least one hour prior to the hearing start time.

Hearing adjournments

"Adjourn" or "adjournment" is the legal word for delaying the hearing. In rare situations, the applicant and/or the respondent may want to adjourn the hearing to another day.

The request for adjournment is heard by the Tenancy Dispute Officer at the beginning of the hearing. It’s a good idea to provide your request to the other party and the RTDRS, in writing, prior to the hearing date. If possible, get the other party to agree to the delay.

The Tenancy Dispute Officer may also adjourn the hearing to meet a requirement of fairness. For example, if the application package was not served properly, the Tenancy Dispute may adjourn the hearing. For information on the adjournment process, please consult the RTDRS Rules of Practice and Procedure .

What if I don’t receive a phone call at the hearing time or get disconnected during a hearing?

  • you should remain available for the phone call from the Tenancy Dispute Officer for 45 minutes from the hearing start time
  • check the application to make sure that your phone number is listed correctly
  • cell phones are discouraged because they are prone to connection and disconnection problems
  • the Tenancy Dispute Officer will tell you what to do if you are disconnected, which is usually to hang up and they will call you back

if you are concerned that you’ve missed the call or have not been called by the Tenancy Dispute Officer, within 10 minutes of the hearing start time, use another phone to contact the RTDRS at 780-644-3000, toll free dial 310-0000 first